Classroom Blogs

I’ve had students write blogs as individual assignments, however, hearing all about blogging from Dr. Adelman has made me begin thinking about trying to implement some sort of classroom blog that students could participate in throughout a unit, term, semester, or even the whole year. Has anyone had any experience with this? How did it go, and what site(s) do you use to have the students blog on?

Excited about Digital Maps

Some of the digital maps and tools we just saw presented were really intriguing. I’ve been trying to think of more ways to incorporate maps into my history classes, since the couple of times I’ve used them students have been really interested in them. I have a historic map of Dedham in my classroom, and it’s always a conversation piece for the students. Now I’m starting to think that these tools may be useful to develop some sort of lesson using that map.

On a side note, the Stanford History Education Group, or SHEG for short, has some amazing lesson plan resources. There were a couple that used maps that I used this year and were some of the students’ favorite lessons this year. Here are the links…

Google Classroom, DPLA, Primary Source Sets

I’m curious whether or not the DPLA can be linked with Google Classroom. I know that some other archives, such as “U.S. History in Context,” has a feature in which you can share directly from the archive into your Google Classroom page. I’m also very intrigued to dig through the DPLA’s Primary Source Sets in order to develop some projects for my students.